11 Best Gadgets To Secure Your Property Before It’s Too Late

Your home is your safe haven, and I am sure you also consider it your biggest investment. With this in mind, it is only right that you maintain and protect it. If you have been watching or reading the news, you probably have seen burglaries and other heinous crimes. Of course, you would want to protect your home as well as yourself and family members from all those.

Luckily, the market is now abundant with products that will help you secure your property even if you are away. Here are the best ones:

August Smart Lock

Gone are the days when homeowners have to rely on deadbolts just to make sure that their front doors are secure when they leave. The August Smart Lock allows you to lock and unlock the door using an app. You can also create virtual guest keys, automatically lock your door when you are in a hurry, and see who comes in and out of your house at certain times.

If you are an iOS user, this gadget works really well because you can utilize its voice activation features.


If you want an all-in-one home security system, then you should consider investing in Canary, which is the most popular connected security camera nowadays. It offers a 1080p video stream, plus it can call the police via the app if it detects something off.

When you leave the house, it also auto-arms itself and sends you alerts if the system detects any activities.


Do you want to monitor a specific area of your home? That’s exactly what Piper can do. When you are away, this gadget will send you alerts on your smartphone if it detects any suspicious sounds or motions. And if the security mode is breached, it sets off a siren, which will certainly deter the intruder.

Brinno Digital PeepHole Viewer

The Brinno Digital Peephole Viewer gives you the ability to see anyone on the other side of your door through an LCD panel. This is very useful, especially when somebody is knocking on your door late at night. You won’t have to open the door right away.

Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is definitely one of the hottest home security gadgets in the market. It comes with a 1080p camera that allows you to see clearly anyone who knocks on your door. When they push the doorbell, you will receive notifications on your smartphone. It can also stream high-definition videos for free.

Oplink Connected Alarm Shield

Are you looking for door and window sensors, motion sensors, emergency alert siren, and remote controls? If so, then the Oplink Connected Alarm Shield is the answer. It has everything that you need! You can arm and disarm it by simply using your smartphone. You have the option to subscribe to a premium home monitoring service to maximize the use of the system. It’s all worth it, though.

Blink Security Camera System

This one here comes with smaller and more discrete cameras. Since they are internet-connected and they don’t come with lots of wires, you can install them around your place without anyone noticing them. You need to connect it to an app so that you can see what the camera is seeing real-time.

Nest Protect

Thousands of homes have been burnt while the owners are away, and such events are truly devastating. The Nest Protect can alert you if it detects smoke and carbon monoxide. It will also tell you exactly where the danger is.

Maximus Smart Security Light

This one may look like a simple porch light but, it actually comes with sophisticated features. It will send alerts to your mobile phone if it detects movement on your front door. It also allows you to sound an alarm if needed.

1byone Wireless Driveway Alert

This gadget may not be as high-tech as the others on this list, but it proves to be very useful. It comes with a sensor and receiver that will inform you when somebody tries to break into your home in the middle of the night.

Caseta Wireless

Lights are very helpful in deterring burglars. With the Caseta wireless kit, you will have the ability to control the lights inside and outside your house even if you are not literally at home. You also won’t have to get up and go downstairs to turn the lights out in the living room or kitchen if you forgot to do so. You simply have to use the app.

The gadgets above are really amazing. Check out the reviews for each of them and choose one or a combination that will suit your safety and security needs.