11 Biggest Myths About Losing Belly Fat

Ever wondered why after all the belly-reducing schemes you tried you still have that stubborn bulging tummy? For sure, you must be starting to get disappointed. But before saying you are done with them, you have to check if you are doing the right things.

Let’s accept it. Many must be doing those belly-reducing exercises, diet, and other activities without consulting a professional. Reading from the internet and recommendations from friends are usual sources of information on how to get a slimmer and firmer tummy. But as results show, they are ineffective and some may even harm our health. This is because many of these tummy reduction formulas are only myths that have no scientific basis at all.

Spot Reducing Techniques Are Effective Belly Fat Burners

Some of us may be contented with the rest of our body but not with our fat belly. This brings us to search for ways on how to decrease the girth of our tummy. No exercises and a weight-loss diet will help you cut down a couple of inches on some specific areas of your body only. There is no scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of target weight loss techniques.

Beer Belly Is a Result of Drinking Beer

Not all beer drinkers have a beer belly. This should prove that beer drinking alone can be the cause of a beer belly. Having a big tummy is a result of many factors. Consumption of so many carbs, cholesterol-rich foods, and inactivity can all lead to a beer belly. Do you know that drinking soda can be the culprit of that protruding gut? Yes. Drinking soda regularly can cause what they call ‘soda belly.’ This has been scientifically proven, but not when you drink beer.

Belly Fat Is the Same as Fats in Other Body Parts

Many believe that belly fat is just like your fats in other areas of your body. It is not. You should be wary of your bulging tummy. It poses a great risk to your health, unlike your double chin which can only give you problems with your appearance. Belly fats are visceral fats that are embedded deeply in tissues in the abdominal area. The abdominal area is where most of our major organs are located. When more visceral fats are in the area, many body functions can be affected.

Certain Foods Can Melt Belly Fat

Many still believe that certain foods and drinks can melt belly fat by simply ingesting them regularly. Some take a great deal of eating hot cayenne peppers, and very sour lemon juice, and apple cider regularly because of this misconception. Certain foods and drinks may increase metabolism that can speed up weight loss but not particularly burning your belly fats.

Waist Trainer Belts Can Burn Belly Fats

Belly fat-reducing belts are believed to be effective as they can cause the area to sweat profusely. There are many waist trainer belts in the market and some brands may come with steep prices as they claim topnotch efficiency. Don’t be fooled. These belts can only be effective when coupled with the right exercise and diet.

Fat-Burning Oil and Cream Are Effective Too

You must have come across fat-burning oil and creams that can burn belly fat by simply applying it to the area of the tummy. It is recommended that you apply the cream and oil before wearing the fat-reducing belt. Belly fats are visceral fats, which means that they are deeply located. How can a topical cream burn them?

Nuts Fatten the Tummy

So is there a ‘nut belly’, as there is a soda belly? Not really, because nuts are not stuck in the gut when you ingest them. Just like other foods that we eat, they are digested and turned into an absorbable form that the different cells of the body can ingest. Nuts are rich sources of fats but these are quality fats that our body needs. They do not help you get that protruding tummy.

Avoiding Fatty Foods Will Reduce Your Waistline

Belly fats do not burn on their own. You have to do exercises to melt them. Avoiding fatty foods may not increase the size of your belly but that does not mean that it will melt visceral fats that are present already in your abdomen.

Drinking Coffee Can Flatten Your Tummy

Like lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and apple cider vinegar, simply drinking coffee will not burn your belly fats. Caffeine can boost your performance in physical activities, which may help in burning fats in the long run. But to lose weight by simply drinking coffee alone is expecting too much. You have to couple it with exercises.

Skipping Breakfast Can Do the Trick

Some skip their breakfast thinking that they will lose their bulging tummy. But do you know that breakfast skippers tend to weigh more than those who eat breakfast regularly? When you skip breakfast, you are prone to eating unhealthy foods when you are outside your home which can even make you fatter.

Supplements Can Help

There is no evidence yet that supplements can help you flatten that protruding tummy. If they work in some people, it is because of the placebo effect that helps those taking supplements more cautious on the food that they eat. Save your money instead or use it for buying essential items rather than buying fat-burning supplements.

Losing belly fat is very much possible as long as you do the right thing. If you believe in myths, trust me, you will never lose it.