11 Safest Destinations for Travel With Low COVID-19 Cases

There are many reasons why you should travel at least once or twice in your life. Traveling is considered a basic necessity simply because we will never move forward in life if we stay in one place for the rest of our lives. Traveling helps us grow as an individual and help us see life in a different perspective. It will help you discover who you are and what you want in life.

Sadly today, all of those travel goals we planned are far from becoming a reality because of this pandemic. COVID-19 indeed took a toll not just on our mental health but on our whole being. Traveling to your favorite destinations and unwinding would be the best solution to run away from this problematic time. But we worry we might catch the virus so we decided to stay and be locked up in our homes.

Worry not! In this article, we will present to you the 11 safest destinations for travel with low COVID-19 cases; 


If you look at Vietnam on the map, you will see how small it is. You could visit most of its tourist spots in just a week. Nevertheless, Vietnam has plenty to offer. From its exquisite food, fascinating and rich culture with its 3,000 kilometers of tropical coastline, this country is waiting to be discovered and explored.

Don’t worry, there’s a reason why Vietnam is number one on our list since it has low COVID-19 cases. To be granted entry into this nation, all visitors must comply with strict health regulations and carry the necessary paperwork, and undergo compulsory quarantine upon arrival.

New Zealand

New Zealand, just like Vietnam, hides from the rest of the world- reason why they beat COVID-19. Of course, cases are still there but according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), New Zealand has a low case of covid-19. 

It is one of the most vibrant and dynamic tourism industries in the world. Once you get in as a tourist, you will experience this little paradise. 


As the land of the heat, surf, and unique outback, breathtaking Australia is well recognized. It is a nation that brings things to extremes; it is the driest populated continent, the largest island in the world, and one of the world’s longest coastlines.

You will witness the stunning natural scenery, lively towns, unrestricted road trips, and friendly locals once you fly to Australia add to the fact that it has low cases of covid-19.

British Virgin Island

Also known as Virgin Island, this destination is a safe place for tourists with low case of covid. The British Virgin Islands are a group of the world’s most interesting islands. It’s a perfect holiday place in which you can relax, explore, and engage in various adventurous activities.


Cambodia is a place where tourists don’t pay much attention. If you are someone who loves history, cultures, and nature, then Cambodia is perfect for you. Titled “The kingdom of Wonder” with rich culture and heritage from Apsara dancers to traditional music, it’s a perfect time to venture and get lost to its wonders.


The COVID-19 first outbreak is in China, specifically in Wuhan. Despite this, China is still the fourth most popular tourist destination. With low covid cases, witness the stunning view of the Great Wall of China as well as the Forbidden City.

Papua New Guinea

Because of its remote location, Papua New Guinea’s biodiversity remains untouched and undiscovered. This resulted in a very rich and varied eco-system and low cases of covid. Most travelers do not visit this island but once they do, it’ll be all worth it.


Sad to know how Brunei is not on the radar to most travelers. But it surely has plenty to offer. They have some of Asia’s beautiful mosques, national parks and museum and low level of covid cases.


Hospitality, tropical forest, green and lush, exclusive and untouched, low covid cases. This is certainly why you should visit Taiwan.


Are you a food lover? Palauan cuisine is something you shouldn’t miss. Their food is very diverse. You can taste the USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and other neighboring islands in the Pacific. And it has low cases of covid.


Skipping Laos in your travel destination is a big mistake. Drop everything and witness the country’s’ gorgeous karst mountains, stunning waterfalls, and scenic rivers. 

Traveling is challenging yet fulfilling. This is the reason why most people travel. Embark on a journey and venture to the unknown. Our itineraries are still possible. It wasn’t canceled but only on hold. We just have to wait until the world heals.