11 Vehicle Buying Secrets Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

You may not be buying a new car soon for yourself because your service vehicle is still in good shape. But it is best to know the several secrets car dealers keep from their customers. Who knows if you will be buying a new car for your eldest son in the near future? Your awareness of the following secrets will help you save money, ensure car efficiency, and avoid lots of inconveniences.

They Are Not Really Familiar With New Models

The car dealer may sound like he has driven the new model you are interested in a number of times. But just like you, he may have to even try riding in the new model, much more, driving one himself. When car dealers talk, it may lead you to understand that they know every inch of the car that you are interested in. The fact is, they have only read the manual or memorized what is on the Monroney sticker more than you.

You Can Haggle for a Price Lower than the MSRP

Car dealers will naturally stick with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or MSRP as much as they could. Some may add markups and explain to a car buyer that they need to have profits too. This is to let car buyers think that the MSRP is the price they bought the car from manufacturers. The fact is, they also haggled for a price decrease, so the MSRP is way above what they spent buying the car. Haggle some more. They will give in to your asking price soon.

You Are the Only Interested Buyer

When you have been contacting the car dealer but he is not responding, it does not mean that he is busy. He just wants you to feel that he has many interested buyers to contend with. This can trigger you to act fast and agree with their terms and conditions in the guise of outdoing presumed interested parties.

They May Not Tell You About All the Incentives

To some car dealers, they attract buyers by giving them information about incentives, rebates, and other special financing options that may help you with a few thousand dollars. But not every dealer is the same. Some may hide some information from you.

All Details Are Not Important

Don’t think that every word from a car dealer is worth taking note of. Some are just meant to confuse you. You will be bombarded with useless details or you may also be led to some walkthroughs to tire you. With a tired mind and body, you may accept the agreement without having studied every detail very well.

There Are Better Options Than Paying in Cash

There may be other financial schemes that can save you more money than paying in cash. But for most car dealers, being paid in cash will give them their profit immediately. They will usually hide these financing options from you so you will pay in cash.

Some Brands Are as Efficient as More Expensive Brands

It is not a guarantee that more expensive brands are better than cheaper ones. Some of the cheaper and lesser-known brands are even better. Car dealers will always give the idea that quality comes with the price. This is because they may gain more when selling pricier cars.

The Walls Have Ears in a Car Dealer’s Room

When going to a car dealer’s office, do not bring someone and start talking loudly about your options, capabilities, and limitations. The car dealer may hear them and may start to adjust details that are to your disadvantage. Stopping conversations to make a call, but actually hearing your thoughts you are sharing with your companion is a usual strategy.

You Can Find Better Options Elsewhere

Car dealers will not tell you their competitors. If you do not find time to search for other car dealers, it is your loss. You can search online and make a comparison of all the dealers near you.

You Are as Good as a Thing of the Past After the Agreement

Even if the contract is not yet signed but you already agreed on everything else, the car dealer may have less time for you already. His goal is to find another potential buyer. Do not think that you found a friend and an advisor about your new car.

Car Dealers Will Not Tell You That You Are Acting Stupid

Car dealers will gain more with uninformed car buyers. The same with those who do not watch out for what they are talking about. If you inform the car dealer that you have this ready amount of cash to buy a new car, chances are they will tell you that the car cost exactly the same as the cash you have, even if in reality, the car’s price is much lower.

Car dealers make money on the cars they are able to sell. If they can sell cars at higher prices, they have more income. Some car dealers may resort to tricking buyers. This can involve not telling the truth to their customers. With each car dealer may have his own secret, it is a necessity to uncover these secrets so as not to be a victim of self-centered car dealers.