13 Things That People Don’t Talk About Enough Before Marriage

Marriage is such a beautiful thing. It bonds two people that love each other. But it is not a one-time thing. It’s all about commitment, a life commitment. It’s the beginning of everything- to serve your future children and your partner. It’s beyond physical union; it’s also an emotional and spiritual union.

But before marriage, there are things that people don’t talk about enough for a reason that maybe it’s a “taboo” for them or just plain awkward to talk about. 

This article highlights 13 things that people don’t talk about enough before marriage;

Mental Health

Lovers should pay more attention to the importance of discussing mental health. Before the two of you become one, you are separate individuals, and each of you has your past issues. You should know how to handle your partner when things seem to go out of way.


Unless you can afford a nanny, you should know who is who. Who’s going to provide for the family and who’s going to look alter the children? In many people’s minds, it’s the guy who’s supposed to be looking for a job and providing for the family, but you can’t stop a girl who wants to work and provide. You should talk about this enough to sort things out.


Marriage is not just about happy endings, sometimes it fails. When things get rough, you should be very considerate about your partner’s decision and vice versa. Things will start to get complicated if your decisions won’t align. You should know how you will react if your partner wants a divorce.


People marry a person oblivious to their partner’s personal transactions. You should never bring debt to your marriage and expect your partner to pay it. This happens in real life which result in conflicts.

Past Issues

Before marriage, you should know what your partner’s doing and what’s he/she likes before you met him/her. Chances are these unreasonable issues might cause an argument.

Number of Babies

How many kids do you want to have? How about your partner? What if your partner wants only one child? You must talk about this enough- and so is family planning. If you think you can provide for a huge family then you may but if not, then consider things.

Marriage Counseling

It’s a good investment to engage in marriage counseling. This will save your marriage. This will put your mind at ease especially if conflicts are trying to tear your marriage apart.


A family vacation might be costly but it’s worth it. You should know how to enjoy life once in a while and travel to your favorite destinations.

Having a Baby

Sometimes, people marry a person and assume that they want kids but that’s not what usually happens. Some people are not ready for commitment and obligations to have kids. You may think you might change their mind but that’s unfair to your partner and this may end your relationship.

Disciplining Your Kids

Some couple has their own perspectives in life and disciplining their kids is one of them.  Sometimes, how you discipline your kid is different from your partner. You should both agree on how you are going to do it.


Are you both ready enough for obligations? If not then you might want to reconsider continuing your marriage. This compromises the life of your children. They will have a complicated family just because their parents are not ready for parenting yet they marry and decide to have kids.

Extended Family

How will you react if your partner’s family showed up unannounced? There are people in your partner’s life before you. Are you comfortable talking to your partner’s family? You should be or at least show some respect – in this way, you also respect your partner. How about certain holiday vacations? Which family will you go to or visit first? But know that you have your own family as well so limiting the information you share with your partner’s family is a must.


Are you genuine to your partner or you are only marrying him/her because his/her physical appearance is your type or is it because they have thick wallets? You also have to know how you behave around your partner because it’s not all the time that you have the same affection. You should know how to approach your partner and respect their privacy and vice versa.

Obstacles and challenges along the way are inevitable. How you deal with it is your choice. Indeed, communication is the key and so discussing things that are not big of a deal or whatnot is very important before marriage to have a harmonious life.