13 Up and Coming Technology Trends For 2021

The technological advancements over the past few decades are truly amazing, and you can expect that the coming years will bring more exciting innovations. Nowadays, technology has already become an intrinsic part of our lives. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, gadgets, the internet, and different platforms have allowed people to work and study from home. The disease may have affected the whole world, but I know for a fact that the tech trends will continue to improve and help us adapt to the new normal.

Here are up and coming technology trends for 2021:

Artificial Intelligence

Also known as machine intelligence, artificial intelligence or AI is without a doubt the biggest tech trend that the world is enjoying at the moment. For sure, next year, it will become an even more valuable tool.

What is AI? Simply put, it refers to the development of computer systems to be able to perform natural intelligence that is usually displayed by humans and animals. The machines are programmed to think and act like human beings.


Industries like automobile and electronics manufacturing, as well as law enforcement, welding, food service, and medical, have been using robotics for quite some time now. In 2021, I am pretty sure that more industries will use robots to perform repetitive tasks that human beings used to do.


The use of drones will no longer be limited to taking pictures or videos in the coming years. They will also be utilized to deliver vital medicines as well as to monitor areas where there is an increased risk of viral transmission.

Vehicle Automation

Sooner or later, especially with contactless needs, self-driving cars will be the trend. Experts say that autonomous cars are a lot safer on the road regardless of the speed because they will be driven by computers. Human errors will then be eliminated.


As COVID-19 rages around the world, As-a-Service is prospering. Thousands of companies are now relying on cloud to provide scalable solutions. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Zoom have cloud offerings that will open up more opportunities and possibilities for everyone.


By the end of 2021, it is expected that there will be about 25 million 5G subscriptions particularly when it comes to fixed and mobile broadband services. 5G has been available since 2019, but according to forecast, it will have a more meaningful impact on the masses by next year as the number of 5G devices increase.

With enhanced connectivity, people will not only enjoy faster-loading webpages but also tremendous growth in video streaming and many more possibilities.

Extended Reality

Along with the other trends highlighted in this article, you can also expect more of Extended Reality in 2021.

What is Extended Reality or XR? This term covers technology that utilizes headsets as well as glasses to project computer-generated imagery directly into the user’s field of vision. XR includes Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. All of which, along with other emerging technologies will blend the real and virtual world to create an immersive experience.


The term nanotechnology may sound intimidating to many people, but, for sure, a lot of them are benefiting from it without even knowing it. Things like bendable displays, sunscreen, self-cleaning glass, antimicrobial bandages, clothing, and many more are all products of nanotechnology. This ability to understand and materials as well as to control matter on a tiny scale will surely improve in 2021.

Quantum Computing

If you think that your current computer is fast like a lightning, you better think twice because quantum computers are now being worked on. They are still restricted to labs, but sooner or later, you will certainly find one in the market. You will be surprised at how much faster they are than the ones we have today.

Computer Vision and Facial Recognition

Machines can act like human beings. They can even talk. And you know what else they can do soon? See! Computer vision and facial recognition will soon become the trend, which will surely give birth to more exciting things for the new generation to enjoy.

Natural Language Processing

I know that you are very much familiar with Alexa and Siri. For sure, you have also talked to chatbots before perhaps when you were placing an order or making a reservation. These are all products of natural language processing, which is a technology that allows machines to understand the human language. You can expect more innovations in 2021. That’s for sure!

Wearable and Augmented Humans

Wearables became very popular in the fitness world. But right now, wearable technology already has a whole industry, which makes life much easier, comfortable, and healthier. In the future, there is no doubt that you’d see transhumans or augmented humans.

The Internet of Things

Basically, this term refers to any “smart” device that can be connected to the internet. If you think that your smart TV, as well as your smart doorbell, is awesome, wait until 2021 comes.

There’s no denying how technology changed the world. The different innovations have made life so much better, and it will only continue to improve with all up and coming technology trends.