15 Foods That You Should Never Eat After Age 30

When I was young, the one thing I always wanted to be able to do is “eat whatever I want”. The freedom of never having to listen to “mommy” and “daddy” lecture me about what I can or cannot eat was amazing. Little did I realize that as I grew older, the freedom of “eating what I want” would become a health-related problem. Simply eating whatever you want is not good for your health, in fact, eating certain foods after age 30 could be a problem. Let’s take a look at the foods you need to avoid.

#1: Flavored yogurt

Sugar is a big no-no, but we don’t always realize that we’re consuming too much sugar. When we eat “healthy” foods and in this case yogurt, we are intaking lots of sugar. For example, fruit on the bottom yogurt by Dannon has 22g of sugar. Guess what? That’s over 50% of your suggested sugar intake for the day. If you’re craving sugar, eat a banana instead. Why is sugar so bad for people after age 30? Well, it’s simply not good for your skin and can accelerate the aging process.

#2: Soup in a can

A recent study at Cambridge University showed a correlation between skin aging and high blood pressure. What this means is that those who suffer from high blood pressure had more wrinkles, according to the study. Let’s head on over to the pantry. Do you have canned soup? Check the label, you’ll soon realize that it’s over 50% of the recommended daily value for sodium.

#3: Breakfast Patries

This should go without saying but these processed breakfast pastries should not be a part of your diet. These sugary treats are very convenient but they also skyrocket your sugar intake. This can lead to all kinds of health-related issues such as insulin resistance and even infertility. Again, if you need something sweet, eat a piece of fruit instead, added sugar is not your friend.

#4: Protein Bars

Another convenient food that is simply not good for you! It’s easy to grab a bar, but these bars even though they advertise as “sugar-free” are using chemical sweeteners such as Aspartame and Sucralose along with the dreaded fructose. You need to stay away from artificial sweeteners. Even the ones that don’t use artificial sweeteners use what is called “sugar alcohol”. You don’t want to mess with any sweeteners made in a lab.

#5: Cola

We’re highlight cola, but in fact, all sodas should be avoided. They are filled with sugar and dyes that have all been proven to cause underlying issues such as diabetes and cancer. By consuming too much sugar it can impact ovulation and sperm motility, so be warned.

#6: Oreo cookies

These are perhaps one of the worst foods you can eat if you’re trying to stay in shape. They are packed with lots of calories in a small cookie. Can you eat just one? I surely can’t! In the past, I would eat 5-10 Oreos in one sitting. That’s over 100g of added sugar and it’s all going to lead to weight gain.

#7: Alcohol

Yes, I know, as an adult one of the privileges is to be able to drink! The problem is, it serves as no benefit to us as we grow older. In fact, it causes all kinds of problems. The more you drink the more restless you can become at night. Yes, you may “pass out” from drinking, but your body isn’t getting ideal rest. It’s easier to get away with that in your 20’s, but when you hit 30 and beyond it starts to play a major factor in your overall health. When you lack sleep it can lead to “carb cravings” and “sugar cravings” which of course leads to weight gain.

#8: White bread

Stay away from white bread. Stay far away! Whether it is bagels or sliced white bread, it all leads to insulin-related problems with your blood sugar. If you’re adamant about eating bread try whole-grain bread over refined to help regular your blood sugar.

#9: Veggie burgers

Yes, technically veggie burgers are not bad for you, but beef or Vitamin B12 to be exact is a major component of keeping gray hair at bay. You can always supplement with this, but it’s best to get it through natural sources such as beef. That’s not a knock on being vegan or vegetarian if you are, just source Vitamin B12 as a supplement.

#10: Iced coffee

Too much caffeine leads to poor sleeping habits, and guess what happens when you don’t get a good night’s rest? I’ll tell you! Your body isn’t able to rejuvenate, and it will lead to premature aging. So your best bet is to stay away from the caffeine and drink water instead.

#11: Sugar-free snacks

Food labels with the words “Sugar-Free” have flooded the market. The idea is to make it seem that the product is healthy, when in fact it is not. Artificial sweeteners are difficult to process as your body has no idea what to do with it! If you’ve been using sugar-free products, the time to stop now, get on a detox!

#12: Non-organic fruits/vegetables

Thinking about starting a family? Lay off the foods known to be high in pesticides. This means apples, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, peaches, and spinach, just to name a few. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat these foods, just be sure that you’re buying the organic brands. Foods high in pesticides have been shown to lead to sperm motility.

#13: Margarine

Does heart disease run in your family? If so, then you’ll want to stop using margarine. It’s made with partially-hydrogenated oils that are high transfat. This can lead to heart disease (clogging of your arteries).

#14: Bacon

Here is a fun fact! 66% of the calories in bacon is from fat, and not the good kind, we’re talking about saturated fat! Of course, this leads to weight gain, along with an increased chance of stroke and heart disease. Another fun fact is that it can cause inflammation which has been shown to accelerate the aging process.

#15: Butter Popcorn

Some brands of butter popcorn still use butter that has trans-fat. As you should know, this can lead to heart disease, and this risk increases as you age. Popcorn without butter is indeed a healthy snack, just be sure you get the brand that doesn’t have the added butter.