20 Facts That Are Proven Myths

Growing up you’re told certain things that are “facts”. You’ve heard them for so long that you just continue to believe that it’s true. Today, we take a look at 20 facts that scientists and other scholars have debunked as myths.

1. The Truth About Unsticking Pasta

Oil stops the pasta from sticking together – No this is not true. Oil actually makes the pasta greasy. It is the consistent stirring that prevents sticking.

2. The Truth About Left And Right Brain

There is really no solid division between the talents of both hemisphere, the right brain can learn left-brain skills and vice versa.

3. The Truth About The Three Wise Men

Nowhere in the Bible does it specifically state that there were three wise men. Due to the fact that there were three gifts, persons determine that there were three wise men.

4. The Truth About How Dogs Sweat

Dogs sweat by salivating – Nope, they regulate their body temperature through panting. Dogs actually sweat via their footpads.

5. The Truth About Water Rotation In Toilets

A flushed toilet does not rotate the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere. The Coriolis effect doesn’t alter the water in the toilets.

6. The Truth About Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein failed mathematics – This is not true, he failed an entrance examination for a school but he excelled in mathematics.

7. The Truth About Vaccines And Autism

Vaccines do not cause Autism. Groundless fears based on manipulated results and fraudulent research has fueled this belief.

8. The Truth About Alcohol And Brain Cells

Alcohol does not kill brain cells. Even in alcoholics and very heavy drinkers, brain cells aren’t killed, just damaged.

9. The Truth About Your Tongue

There aren’t different parts of the tongue for each type of taste: sour bitter, salty, sweet and savory or meaty.

10. The Truth About A Missing Person Report

The police do not require 24 hours before you can report a missing person. Once you believe the person is missing you can make the report.

11. The Truth About Only Using 10 Percent Of Your Brain

The proportion of the brain that is active at any one time completely task-dependent, however, ultimately every section of your brain is active practically every day.

12. The Truth About Sleepwalkers

It is actually fine to wake sleepwalkers, they will be confused for sure but they will be OK. In fact, it is better to wake them than allow them to possibly cause injury to themselves.

13. The Truth About Milk And Mucus

Milk does not increase mucus in any way, so there is no need to avoid dairy if you have a cold.

14. The Truth About Bananas

Bananas do not grow on trees, they actually grow on large herbs that just resemble trees.

15. The Truth About Bats

As blind as a bat…Bats are not blind, not only can they see but they also use echolocation.

16. The Truth About Shaving

Shaving does not thicken hair nor is it darker or coarser. It simply appears that way because the hair grows back with a blunt tip.

17. The Truth About Chewing Gum

The chewy base of the gum is not digestible but passes straight through your digestive system, it does not take 7 years to digest. The remainder is simply absorbed.

18. The Truth About Adam And Eve

Adam and Eve did not eat an apple. They ate the forbidden ‘fruit’, there is nowhere in Genesis that states the fruit was an apple.

19. The Truth About The Egyptian Pyramids

Slaves did not build the pyramids, this ancient construction job was considered a great honor granted only to the respected laborers, who remain entombed near the site today, according to the Egyptologists.

20. The Truth About Ninjas

Ninjas didn’t wear black, the outfit came from years of fiction and folklore. Actual ninjas wore anything that would help them blend into daily life.

So there you have it, 20 “facts” that are actually myths. I know some of these may be a bit controversial as we have been led to believe that they were true, but a little bit of research will show that they are indeed myths.