8 Signs That Your Immune System Maybe Compromised

Our immune system plays a major role in keeping our healthy lifestyle in check. It is not, as the name indicates, a single organ, but an organ that consists of tissues, cells, proteins, and chemicals. These organs work together to defend our health against germs and microorganisms. To work well, it needs balance and harmony.

Proteins called antibodies are formed by the immune system that can help neutralize infection or toxins that certain germs produce. Our immune system is doing a fine responsibility of ensuring our safety and avoiding diseases in most instances. Complications can often lead to sickness and infection.

The immune system in our body will begin to fight itself because of an unhealthy way of living, instead of defending our body. This will result in autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (Ibd), and even cancer.

The following are the signs that our immune system may have been compromised. Take note that these signs may happen for various reasons. Seeking a doctor’s advice is a must;

1. Constant Cold

It is normal to catch a cold once or twice. But if you permanently catch a cold – even for no sketchy reasons, then this means that your immune system is hurting.

A permanent cold is a sign that the immune system and the cells in your body cannot do their job properly to fight back all unwanted visitors in your body.

2. Always Feels Tired

We feel tired when we are doing something that is labor-intensive, especially if we work hard to beat that 9 to 5. This just means that we need to get some rest so the workers in our body will have ample time to repair damaged tissues so we could feel energized for the next day.

But even if we don’t do something excessive yet we permanently feel drained, then our immune system is not operating properly. Because of this, the lack of immune health will make the cells in our body work hard to fight germs and infections – which will result in us being tired.

3. Digestive Issues

An unwanted call of nature is likely to happen especially if we eat too much than what we can take or if we intake food that isn’t welcome in our body. But if diarrhea lasts longer than normal like two to four weeks, this means that the immune system is destroying the linings of our small intestines or our digestive tract.

We also have to take extra measures about constipation as this will result in our bowel movements hard to pass.

4. Weight Change Issues

We do things such as exercise or a healthy diet to meet our desired weights. But most of the time we don’t mind our physique. If unexpected weight occurs, even if we eat properly but still we gain a huge pounds of weight or the number of our scale drop, our thyroid glands are damaged because of autoimmune disease. 

5. Abnormal Number of White Blood Cells

We don’t pay too much attention to our white blood cells but it is important to know that these cells are the front line of our immune system defense. 

If the counts of white blood cells drastically rise or decrease, your body will tell you that there is a problem in your immune system. The usual reason for this is due to infection or deficiency. 

6. Bruising

One reason why we bruise easily is due to an unhealthy immune system. The inside of our body is bleeding- reason why we notice bruises on our skin. 

Various cases will result in easy bruising such as a shortage of Vitamin C and Zinc. This will cause the blood vessels – the capillaries to break easily.

7. Allergies

The problems will become more serious beyond easy bruising. Allergies are one way of your body telling you your immune system may be compromised. 

Yes, you can easily get rid of your allergies by just buying some over-the-counter drugs. But taking medicines or allergy pill time after time might be a bit of a problem. You may not notice but your allergy is slowly killing you. A critical treatment is needed in this type of disorder.

8. Stress

Reduced lymphocytes (a white blood cell that fights infections) are caused by a weak immune system. A weak immune system could be a result of long-term stress, according to research. 

You are more likely to catch cold or other infections if your white blood cells are reduced or low.

Taking care of our health will result in a good foundation of the immune system. We do not need drastic medical attention to fight back all of these diseases. Healthy eating habits, exercises, abandoning bad vices, enough rest, and living happily will do wonders for our health