Here Are the Five Things Not to Do in 2021

Every one of us may have a health goal this 2021. Probably, most have already set their plan of action by the first day of January as these health goals must be included in each one’s New Year’s resolution. But as these are health goals, which should be very important, they should be SMART.

We all know what SMART goals are. They should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Whatever your health goal is, how SMART it is can determine its success. To attain your goal, you must also know that there may be things that may not be congruent with the SMART objectives. You should avoid these as they may be significant factors that can spell your failure in achieving your health goals.

Don’t Rush Too Much

You must have heard of athletes getting into accidents during training or bodybuilders breaking their back. In some cases, it’s because they may be overdoing it. Many health goals may have something to do with losing weight. Although it may not break the tissues of your tummy, there may be many side effects if you overdo your weight-reducing exercises. Just like athletes, you can also have injuries. Learn how to listen to your body. Stop and rest if you are tired. Your muscles and connective tissues are also running out of gas.

Changing your lifestyle all at once can shock your system. If you have been drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco for many years, you can suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms if you quit all of a sudden. Just like fats and carbs, you will surely crave them if you just simply remove them from your diet. Indulge in them in small amounts, even for a while.

Don’t Deprive Yourself

Losing weight should not mean depriving yourself of the many good things that this earth can offer. In some cases, social life is even affected. If you have been avoiding parties or get-togethers because you may be breaking your diet, it means you are overdoing it. Skipping occasions to celebrate life’s important events can show that your weight program is not already healthy on other aspects.

Fats and carbs are not pure evil. They give us energy and complete our nutrition. They also are our building blocks, along with protein. When you completely do away with them, you are depriving your body of some essential nutrients. Taking them in moderation can be the better way to manage your weight.

Don’t Over Stress

Putting yourself into too much stress to achieve your health goals may have harmful effects on your overall well-being. Try not to be preoccupied with achieving your goal immediately or other important things may be compromised. You should know that losing weight is never an easy task. It cannot happen overnight. Taking it one day at a time will help. Don’t rush. You can fall and get injured when you do so.

Do not stress yourself too much. If you do so, you are compromising other aspects of your well-being. And if you allow stress to enter your system, it can be the start of other problems.

Don’t Get Others Affected

You may not know it but your relationships with your loved ones are being affected. If you are avoiding get-togethers, that can be the very first sign. If you are on a strict diet, you may also be losing some of the energy that fats and carbs can give to your body. You may lose that usual enthusiasm when meeting with friends and relatives. The same is true when you over-exercise. A fatigued body may not also allow you to enjoy quality time with close people around you. Your work may also be affected if you are not cautious.

Don’t Torture Yourself

Indeed, you should really try hard to achieve your health goals. But achieving them should not mean that you have to punish yourself by avoiding life’s pleasures. You must be living a lonely life if you do so.

Some may also go for crash diets, even if they know the harmful effects. Crash diets mean you are abruptly changing your usual diet. If you have been eating fatty foods and carbs, your body may have to make fast adjustments. You will surely lose energy if you avoid macronutrients all at once.

When setting health goals, aside from being SMART, it is always important to know how it affects other aspects. Is it affecting your relationships? Are you depriving and torturing yourself? Are you stressed out already? If the answer is yes, you got it all wrong. It means that your plan of action to achieve your health is not healthy after all.