Home Checklist: Things Everyone Should Keep in Their Home

There’s no place like home and there’s no safest place other than our home. It is not just something we needed for as a shelter, it’s our identity. It reflects who we are and what we want in life. We spend most of our time and memories at home. It knows everything and it witnesses all the happenings.

It’s natural for us to take care of our home and keep it beautiful and clean. From home decors to the kitchen, to the living rooms and everything that can be of use- we store it in our house.

But when we decided to finally move and settle for a house we call our own, sometimes we have a clearer view of what it might look like. We have an idea of what to buy for future use and what would be the most valuable thing in our homes that we should consider keeping. In this article, we will walk you through things everyone should keep in their home. It could be essentials or it could be a valuable thing that we got from our parents or we receive as a present.

Medicine Kit/First Aid Kit

A medicine kit or a first aid kit is the number one necessity that every homeowner must have. In case of an emergency such as accidents or small commotions that involves our health, the best thing we can do to prevent things from getting worse is to apply first aid. 

But you have to make sure that you know what you are doing before doing anything. A medicine kit should include but not limited to;

  • plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes
  • small, medium, and large sterile gauze dressings
  • bandages
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  • sticky tape
  • thermometer (preferably digital)
  • cream or spray to relieve insect bites and stings
  • painkillers such as paracetamol (or infant paracetamol for children), aspirin (not to be given to children under 16), or ibuprofen
  • cough medicine
  • antihistamine cream or tablets


It’s inevitable to experience electric interruptions once in a while. Although a candle could be of use, it’s not guaranteed safe especially if your house is easy to burn or mostly made of woods. It’s important to have a flashlight in your home so you could use it when no other source of light is available.

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen essentials are not only for people who love to cook. You cannot cook without kitchen tools such as knives or pots. Kitchen tools are also essential to measure the ingredients such as when you decide to bake cakes. To get the perfect amount of ingredients, you need measuring utensils.

Solid Mattress

Although it’s not very essential, a solid mattress can save you money since it can last longer for up to 12 years. It’s a good investment for you to have a comfortable sleep after a long day at work. A night of good sleep is what we deserve after all.


It’s no question that it’s a bit expensive and it can increase electric bill, but investing in a refrigerator is worth it. It can keep our foods (especially vegetables) and keep them clean and fresh. Food bacteria will take much longer to spoil the food at a cold temperature. Also, who doesn’t want ice cream, right? How about cold soda or cold soft drinks?

Tool Kit

When something needs a little bit of fixing, a tool kit is important to work things out. Honestly, if you own a house, you automatically become a plumber or electrician and you need tools that can be of reach at your fingertips. It also helps organize your equipment so you won’t have a hard time finding what you need. Common tool kit must have but not limited to;

  • tape measure
  • screwdrivers
  • hammer
  • wire cutters
  • utility blades and holder

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is considered a necessity in our homes. A flexible vacuum cleaner will help you clean every corner and every nook of your house. It will maintain cleanliness in your investments such as your car, carpet, staircases, and flooring. It also removes foul odors.

Photo Album

It may not be as needed as a flashlight but you should consider keeping photo albums in your home. It will preserve your memories and your loved ones as well. All of us will get old someday and we want to look for a picture that will remind us of mostly everything.

Our home is our safe place, it’s our comfort zone. And it’s important to keep it running and alive- clean as well. You have to consider all of the listed necessities because they will benefit you well.