Scientific Ways to Learn Things Faster and Smarter

You really wanted to ace your periodic exam or to pass your entrance examination to enter into your dream university, but you realize that your learning progress is slow. It’s annoying and frustrating when you read something a hundred times yet it still won’t register in your mind. You might wish you have a photographic memory so everything will be done in an instant. 

There’s no easy way to learn something in a snap. It takes serious dedication and concentration to be able to understand a topic. But, there are scientific ways to hack your study and learn things faster and smarter. Some of them are doable and easy to follow. Take a look at the following: 


Meditation is a process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. There are various benefits of meditation. If a lot is going on inside your mind, you might want to meditate as it relieves your stress and calms your mind to make better judgments. 

Meditation also controls anxiety- the reason why we can’t focus. It enhances self-awareness and promotes emotional health. When meditating, make sure that your surrounding is peaceful and quiet. Free your mind and see things from a different perspective before you indulge yourself in studying.

Discuss Things as if You Have an Audience

Expressing yourself is an effective way to learn something faster. Be vocal and say things that are in your mind. Discussing to someone (maybe imaginary) the materials you are trying to grasp will speed up your learning process according to a study conducted by Washington University in St. Louis.

As reported by John Nestojko- a researcher in psychology, when you set your mind to expectations, this learning approach will help you understand things faster and deeper compared to those who study just to pass a test.

Know the Learning Style That Suits You

An individual has a different style to assess their study in a faster way. If you are good at visual presentations, you are called a visual and spatial learner. This style is for people who understand things better in a visual concept, using color code cues and shapes. 

There is also a style called Auditory Learning. It’s a learning style by way of listening, through video clips, music, and conversations. Try to listen to podcasts related to the topic you are learning. 

There are many types of learning styles but either way, it’s up to you to find which suits you best in assessing your study.

Study Nap

To boost your recall for up to six months, take a study nap in between sessions. A 45-minute nap has many benefits including a boost in sensory processing and creative thinking. A continuous study is stressing which may result in fatigue. With this, you will have a hard time obtaining the information you need in your study. Just imagine studying for 3-4 hours continuously, it’s very exhausting and you might end up learning nothing.

Utilize Mnemonic Devices

I’ve been using the mnemonic device since elementary up to college. This strategy is very effective when recalling many things. For example, if you have a hard time remembering the 7 colors of the rainbow; take a note by writing ROYGBIV. This method will give you clue to the first letter of the word. 

Study support that this tactic speeds up retention and improve reasoning. On a side note, it’s a fun thing to do especially when you form a funny word.

Learn Something One at a Time

It’s important to focus on one subject today and another subject for tomorrow. The study claims that those who study multiple topics on one go are less likely to succeed and less likely to attain enough knowledge compared to those who study and focus on one topic.

Cramming yourself is not a good idea when studying as it will only confuse you.

Old School Studying

Notice how studying in this generation always involves gadgets or the internet? Fun as it may seem but it’s not as effective as how we anticipate it. Using a computer or other technology device is distracting. You cannot stop the urge to check your phones (social media, etc.) from time to time.

Instead of taking pictures on the topic provided, write it by hand as it has double impacts. You will acknowledge the topic writing while reading it. You can also easily jot down important key terms when you write them down on a notepad.

Studying can be fun when you are not forcing yourself to do it. It’s fun learning new things that you can apply in your future endeavor. You just have to be resourceful to obtain the knowledge you need effectively. With hundreds of free education online, you can easily hone your skills.