See These Ways to Sell Your House Faster

There are many possible reasons why we decide to sell our house. It could be that the house is getting too small for your increasing family, maybe your neighborhood (a classic one), new job or transfer, etc. No matter what your reason is, selling your house might be the best option for you.

But selling a house and finding a sure buyer is actually not that easy, especially since the competition today is very tight. You have to catch their perspectives and references. You have to make sure that your house is sellable or it doesn’t have much to repair or other concerns.

But first, there are several legal requirements that we need to put into consideration when selling a house or a property. It includes but not limited to;

Proof of identity 

This is essential to prove that your identity is the real you. Buyers always look for identity proof so they will know that the seller is legit.

Property Title Deeds 

Of course, when selling a house, make sure that the property is really yours. 

Energy Performance Certificate

An emergency Performance Certificate (EPC) is important when selling a house. Failure to provide EPC may result in a fine.

Managing Information Pack

The MIP contains all the possible documents needed and it’s provided or produced by the managing agent or freeholder (planned works, service charges, and disputes).

Fitting and Content Form

Also referred to as TA10, a fitting and content form is required by the law. This gives a clearer view of the discussions and deals of both buyer and seller.

There are several legal rights to be considered when selling a house as it’s not a one-time process. After fulfilling all the considerations, your other concern is how to really attract a buyer. What are you going to do if selling your house is urgent because you need the money for important purposes?

In this article, we will help you find a sure buyer by providing ways to sell your house faster.

1. Choose the Best Agent

Sometimes, an agent will only help you to sell your house but not really helping you. There are agents who don’t put so much effort into their work.

When looking for an agent, choose the one that has the same urge and enthusiasm as you are in selling your house. You need an agent who will tell you the things you need to do to improve your property so you can sell it fast.

2. Invest in a Professional Photographer

As a buyer, when looking for a house, especially online, the very first thing that you will look at is the pictures of the house. If you hire a professional photographer, chances are your house will be selected. 

Professional photographers know what to highlight in your property. They know the perfect angle and the best lighting. The weather also provides to the quality of the photos.

 3. Act like a Buyer

You need to know the perspectives or the point of view of a buyer. This way, you will know what considerations you need to do. For example, what are you looking for in a house? Is it the overall performance of the house? What about the pool, the lawn, or the backyard? Is the location the best?

These are some of the questions you need to ask to fulfill your concern. Acting as a buyer will help you improve the things that need improvement.

4. Look into the Right Pricing

Be honest and realistic. If you think this specific price is suited well for your house then go for it. Buyers look for the right price. Overpricing won’t help you sell your house.

5. Unleash Your Inner Neat Freak

Everybody wants a house that is neat and clean, I mean who doesn’t? Make your property as presentable as possible. Tidy up or declutter. Get rid of the unnecessary items.

6. Focus on Quick Repairs

A renovation will take much of your time. Focus on minimal things that need a quick repair. Survey the entire area and look for easy fixes such as leaky faucets, loose tiles, paint, and broken doorknobs.

7. Put Some Decorations

Aesthetic decoration attracts buyers, especially in this age. But don’t put too much decoration though; young buyers might prefer minimalistic and realistic decorations or wall paintings.

8. Be Accommodating

Make the buyer feel like they are receiving the best service. Be attentive and answer their questions (if there are). If you need to bake a cookie then do it. Make sure to make them feel at home.

Bottom Line

Selling a house is like putting a thread to a needle. It needs a lot of patience and adjustments. But don’t worry; the population on earth is growing day by day. You will for sure find a potential buyer that will purchase the house you are selling.