The Steps to Changing Bad Habits

“No body’s perfect” – maybe some of you find this quote cliché, yet it is true. We all have bad habits that are so hard to change through time. Eliminating things that became your practice is one of the most challenging parts of changing your lifestyle. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling so lazy to make your bed, but you tend to spend a lot of time on social media instead of doing your household chores. Maybe you make an effort to avoid procrastination, but you are still having a hard time stopping it. Sometimes, you think about obtaining the perfect body posture during this quarantine; but you haven’t even started yet.

The environment that we are in influences our behavior and personalities. We are under the influence of our families, friends, culture, and beliefs where they provide an immense impact on our individual lives.

Did you know that you can break bad habits? If yes, you are right! Here are some tips that might help you to break bad habits and replace them with good ones:

Give Yourself a Break

Do not allow others or even yourself put pressure on you. You barely even break bad habits in just a glimpse of an eye. You can’t change in a month or even a year. It needs practice. Some of it has a reason why it is too hard to break. Because it is a habit, changing it might be awkward for you. The routines that you have been following all day serve as your habit. Your typical act from the morning laziness down to the time you wash and go to bed.

The way you follow the norms and beliefs are some of your habits. Keep in mind that you won’t directly undo every bad habit but do not pressure yourself. The more you put pressure on yourself, the heavier the burden weighs.

 Identify the Key Factors

There is always a reason for everything you did. You just need to find it out. Usually, when I experience a lot of stress from work and studies, it causes me to eat a lot more, and it doesn’t feel right because I still look for something. Habits have a reason why they became habits. Smoking or drinking liquor may be a way to relieve the pain and pause for a moment. If you want to break these habits, look for a reason and its function.

 Face and Take It as a Challenge

This could be the most difficult one but if you try to change your bad habit’s function; it will surely give a huge impact on your body. While writing this, I feel guilty knowing that I also have a lot of bad habits that need to change and eliminate. Bad habits cannot be stopped unless you think of a creative way to deal its function.

What I am saying is to divert your mindset and look into positivity. Example, if you are carrying a burden right now, instead of smoking and drinking liquor that became your habit, just visit your happy place where you can relax and think thoroughly. That would help.

 Start Taking Notes

It might sound so embarrassing to most of us, but it will support what you want. Keeping a record of what step you need to follow will get you on the right track. Writing your goal and reading it every day will push you in the right direction. Notes serve as your motivation that everything will be better if you follow the steps. It is your daily reminder, and it will be your routine; it also becomes your habit.

 Company Is Important

Correcting your bad habits will be enjoyable if you have someone to share them with. It would be nice to know that you have a supporting friend that keeps you focused on your goals. To have someone who pushes you will inspire you to keep striving.

 Change Is a Process, Do Not Rush

If you stumble and fail for the first time, think about why you started. I tell you that you are dealing with a habit that requires a process. Do not rush to change your lifestyle and routine, but do not wait too much. You should start now.

What’s Stopping You?

Maybe you’ve been wondering about that no matter how much you’ve tried to break your bad habits, you noticed that your efforts aren’t enough. Are you lacking motivation? Not inspired? Completely lost? Or you didn’t push through to change it? Have a goal, discipline yourself. Reflect and look at the mirror, and you would know what stopping you? It’s you.

If you really want to change your bad habits, do it now.